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Riello RDB Burners | kerosene, gas oil (diesel, gasoil, mazout, fioul, gasolio, Heizöl)

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Product Overview

Choose from the full Riello RDB range—with free shipping

Our prices include VAT and we will provide a VAT invoice

We have listed an extensive range of options. If you are unsure which Riello RDB (1,2, 2.2, 3,3.2 etc) is the right option for you, please don't hesitate to give us a call or send us a message; we'll be glad to help.

Burners are available in kerosene or gas oil/diesel (diesel, gasoil, mazout, fioul, gasolio, Heizöl).

Please note that 'RDB 2.2 36kW / 120BTU Combi G' refers to the burner required for a GRANT combi. 

We offer you kerosene and gas oil (diesel, gasoil, mazout, fioul, gasolio, Heizöl) options. Check local regulations and with an oil boiler technician if considering a gas oil (diesel, gasoil, mazout, fioul, gasolio, Heizöl) burner, as you are likely to be restricted to using this type of burner in a non-condensing outdoor boiler with a vertical flue.

Le RDB diesel/fuel de chauffage que nous vendons peut être alimenté par gazole, fioul de chauffage, ou kerosene. Le caracteristiques chimiques due gazole et fioul de chauffage est tres similiaire. Techniquement c'est possible de mettre du gazole dans une chaudière fioul, sans problème d'ailleurs. L'inverse aussi. Le RDB kerosene peut etre alimente seulement par kerosene. Nous vous recommandons de régler un professionnel les paramètres du bruleur.

Please note: 1. The free shipping offer applies to ALL addresses in Britain and Ireland. We are happy to ship to locations in other countries—please contact us for a shipping quote if your country is not listed. 2. If you make a purchase, be sure to provide us with your phone number so that our courier will be able to contact you if necessary, ensuring faster delivery.

Why Riello?

  • The makers of Riello oil-burners have a very long history of designing top quality burners with a superb range of versatility. 
  • Riello is trusted by such huge brands in central heating boiler makers as Worcester-Bosch, Warmflow, Trianco, Firebird and Grant. Riello 40 and Riello RDB burners are utilized to heat houses and places of work, and Riello have the burners required even to heat massive warehouses. Even Ferrari have been known to implement the warmth of Riello!
  • They run for many years and seldom give trouble. Spare parts are inexpensive and widely available. OFTEC engineers are very familiar with them so servicing them is no problem.
  • Riello RDB burners are distinguished by their small size in relation to their output, which means they can be fitted to almost any boiler on the market.
  • In developing these burners, special attention was paid to reducing noise, to the ease of installation and adjustment
  • With over 80 years of experience in design and manufacture, coupled with leading technology and flexible burner design, Riello is the No.1 choice in the UK and Ireland.
  • All the models are approved by the EN 267 European Standard and conform to European Directives for EMC, Low Voltage, Machinery and Boiler Efficiency.
  • All the RDB burners are fired before leaving the factory.
  • You can buy with confidence! PD Plumbing Supplies have been in business for over 40 years and we have sold hundreds of Riello burners, and the burners have a 12 month warranty.

Suitable for a very large number of boilers which are powered with the Riello RDB range of burners, such as (but not limited to):

Boulter Camray 5 65/95: 3513255

Boulter Camray 5 COMBI 70: 3513257

Camray 5 150/200 (8-716-108-334): 3748960

Camray 5 200/240 (8-716-108-333): 3748961

Camray 5 40/65 (8-716-107-282): 3748455

Camray 5 40/65 EXTERNAL (8-716-108-906): 3748454

Camray 5 65/90 EXTERNAL (8-716-108-908): 3748352

Camray 5 65/90B (8-716-107-188): 3748355

Camray 5 95/130 (8-716-108-022): 3513755

Camray 5 COMBI 70B (8-716-108-493): 3513300

Camray 5 COMBI 90: 3513254

Camray 5 COMBI 90B (8-716-108-910): 3748354

Camray 5 COMBI 90BE (8-716-108-912): 3748353

Camray 5 DB 65/90A Boulter: 3748356

Camray 5 WH50/70 (8-716-109-556): 3513005

Camray 5 WH50/70 EXTERNAL (8-716-109-681): 3513006

Firebird 120/150: 3514052

Firebird 120D: 3515505

Firebird 120K: 3513605

Firebird 120K: 3748605

Firebird 150D: 3515506

Firebird 150K: 3748965

Firebird 200K: 3748860

Firebird 70D: 3515105

Firebird 70K: 3513105

Firebird 90/120K: 3514002

Firebird 90-115 DB: 3513602

Firebird 90D: 3515305

Firebird 90K: 3513205

Firebird C100: 20037712

Firebird C20 70K: 3514105

Firebird C20: 20031173

Firebird C26 90K: 3514305

Firebird C35 120K: 3514306

Firebird C44 150K: 3514505

Firebird C58: 3748861

Firebird C73: 20039514

Firebird DB 50-82: 3513100

Firebird DB 70-90: 3513200

Grant 110-140: 3748759

Grant 50-70: 3748459

Grant 70-90: 3748361 Obsolete (Replaced by 3514204)

Grant 90-110: 3748659

Grant 90-120: 3748760

Grant Econ 50-70: 3514104

Grant Econ 70-90: 3514204

Grant Econ 90-120: 3514304

Grant MP 140-160 : 3748922

Grant MP 160-200 : 3748923

Grant V 21: 3514503

Grant V combi 36: 3514502

Grant Vortex 36: 3513610

Grant Vortex 36-46: 3514501

Grant Vortex 58: 3748920

Grant Vortex 70: 3748921

Greenstar Camray 12-18 BOSCH: 3518465

Greenstar Camray 18-25 BOSCH: 3514260

Greenstar Camray 25-32 BOSCH: 3514200

Greenstar UTILITY 32-50 BOSCH: 20026009

Greenstar UTILITY 50-70 BOSCH: 20026010

Greenstar UTILITY 50-70 BOSCH: 20026010

HE BOSCH BF 25-32: 3516030

Mistral 20-26: 3748375

Mistral 58/68: 20038423

Mistral 58/68: 20038423

Mistral BF: 20042437

Potterton 110-130 L: 3748751

Potterton 40-50 L: 3748451

Potterton 45-50 L: 3748451

Potterton 50-70 L: 3748452

Potterton 70-90 L: 3748351

Potterton BF 90-110: 3748651

R MILTON 20KWGrant: 20040062

Trianco Eurostar band A 15-20: 20025628

Trianco Eurostar band A 20-26: 20025629

Trianco Eurostar band A 29-36: 20025631

Trianco Eurostar band A 38-52: 20042079

Trianco Eurostar band A 56-70: 20043602

Trianco Eurostar band A 56-70: 20043602

Warmflow 150-200: 3748959

Warmflow 15-21: 3514157

Warmflow 21-26: 3514257

Warmflow 26-33: 3514557

Warmflow 33-44: 3748941

Warmflow 50-70: 3513010

Warmflow 70-90 3513210

Warmflow 90-120: 3748757

Please note: 1. The shipping rates or free shipping offer applies to all addresses in Britain and Ireland. We are happy to ship to Europe but please contact us for a shipping quote. 2. If you make a purchase, be sure to provide us with your phone number so that our courier will be able to contact you if necessary, ensuring faster delivery.



(5 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Great burner and service

    Posted by Owen Cullen on 15th Dec 2017

    This worked perfectly, was delivered quickly, and at a good price. Overall, 5 star for the product and the service.

  • 5
    riello rdb boiler

    Posted by on 10th Dec 2017

    great service excellent product delivery on time

  • 5
    great customer service

    Posted by david on 11th Mar 2016

    The first unit supplied had a faulty motor, only found out after fully installing which was a pain. PD agreed to forgo the usual return-test-wait-replace and sent a replacement by return. The new unit is so much better than the old - almost silent and works perfectly. At this price highly recommend replace any problematic old burner.

  • 5
    Great burner, Great price.

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Mar 2016

    Undoubtedly the best burner available. Fits pretty much everything.

  • 5
    Great customer service

    Posted by Martin on 23rd Nov 2015

    The burner I ordered came direct from Grant at no extra cost and set up perfectly for my Grant outdoor combi. Phone communication with PD Plumbing always friendly and informative. Highly recommended company.